David Menahem

This is a photo of one of my mother-in-law's brothers David Menahem (on the left). He studied economics in Vienna. The photo was taken in Sofia in 1908. He went to Israel together with his family in 1948. He was the best man at my wedding in 1945. My husband's maternal grandfather was named Menahem and his grandmother Rahel. My husband's maternal grandfather came to Bulgaria from Serbia and he married in the town of Pleven - his wife was from there. They had five sons and two daughters: Mois, Benzion, Haim, Eliezer, David, Sara and my husband's mother Oro. Menahem was a trader. The family was very intelligent and my husband's grandmother worked at two places so that they could send their sons to study abroad. She worked in a studio for mattresses in the winter and in a dairy in the summer.