Leibe Blumberg

This is my paternal grandfather, Leibe Lewin Blumberg. The photo was taken in Liepaja in 1927.

My grandfather was born in Grobini in 1864. My granny - his wife - was from Pikeli, Lithuania. My grandparents lived in Grobini at the beginning, but later they moved to Liepaja. That was because there was a tendency for Jews to move from small Lithuanian cities to the Courland province.

I loved my granddad so much! It was so great to be with him! He had horses and a cart. In winter, when the snow was deep, he took us around Liepaja on a sledge, with a horse, which had bells on. My granddad and his eldest son Meier were drovers. People in our family were invariably well off.

Granddad visited the bes medresh every day, which was situated near a big beautiful synagogue. Before going to the bes medresh he put on tefillin. Granddad was very religious.

Granddad died in 1935, while Granny was killed on Chanukkah on 13th December 1941. My Granddad was the only one amongst my kin who died in a human manner.