Amalia (Malka) Blumberg

This is my paternal grandmother, Amalia (Malka) Blumberg. The photo was taken in Liepaja in 1927.

My granny was from Pikeli, Lithuania. Her family name was Strol. I think she was born in 1864. I know nothing of her marriage, but they lived in Grobini at the beginning, and later they moved to Liepaja. That was because there was a tendency for Jews to move from small Lithuanian cities to the province Courland. Maybe my granny got there in this way.

Granny didn’t speak German, so we spoke to her in German, but she answered in Yiddish. Yiddish was the language in which they communicated. She understood us well and gave us 20 centimes for visiting her. My granny was an orthodox Jew and very religious. She wore a wig and prayed. Granny was killed on Chanukkah on 13th December 1941.