Bella Bogdanova and Abraham Blumberg

This is me and my brother, Abraham Blumberg. The photo was taken in Liepaja in 1931.

When our mother and father left us alone, what mischief we got up to, Abrasha and myself!  I was closer to him than to my youngest brother, Hirsh. I was born in 1926, and Abrasha was three years younger; he was born in 1929. The difference between my youngest brother and me was nine years. Hirsh Isaac - we called him Harry at home - was born in 1935. I made up both my brother Abrasha and myself - including lipstick. We used my mother's perfume, too. I put Mother's high-heel shoes on! We went through everything! We had a large salon with a big mirror. So we'd stand in front of the mirror arm in arm. I'd say to him, ‘We are beautiful, aren't we, Abrashenka?’ And he always said, ‘Yes.’

I remember Daddy drawing a salary each Friday. He bought us fruits round the year. I loved chocolate candies. I was a real villain and told Abrashenka, ‘You are a young man, you are not allowed to eat too much chocolate!’ He was obedient and gave me his portion. Mother said, ‘For shame! It’s for Abrashenka, you have already had your piece!’ ‘But Mommy, I like them so much!’ ‘At this rate, I will give you mine.’ Everything was for us.