The Kleinmann family

This is a picture of my family, taken in Breznica in 1935. You can see my father Aron Kleinmann and my mother Ester Kleinmannova (nee Gruenwaldova) sitting in the middle. My father was born in 1880 in the town of Ladomirov, which was in Austro-Hungary at the time and my mother was born in 1882 in Breznica, Slovakia under Austro-Hungarian rule. On the photo you can also see my oldest sister Tonci Berkovic (nee Kleinmannova), born 1910 in Breznica, then my brother Iosef Kleinmann who was at home on a leave from military service. Therefore he didn´t wear a uniform. My twin brothers Max and Adolf Kleinmann were born 1914 in Breznica. I had another sister Malvina, born 1919. I am also on the photo. I was born in Breznica in 1921. We were eight children, the oldest one was my brother Nabel who left for America and changed his name to Irving Kleinmann when I was 22. He is not on the photo. There is one more brother whom you cannot see on the photo, that's Emil Kleinmann. He was married, and therefore wasn?t living with us.

Many members of my family didn't survive the Holocaust. My father Aron, my brothers Emil and Max, and my sister Tonci , along with her three children were all killed in Auschwitz, probably in 1942. My mother Ester died in Majdanek concentration camp in 1942. I was also in Auschwitz. My brothers Irving and Adolf survived. Irving died in Florida in 1986, while Adolf died in Israel in 1990.