Irving Kleinmann and Ester Kleinmann

This photo captures the past and the present: My brother Irving Kleinmann and his wife Ester as young and old people. It was taken in Florida in the 1980s.

On this photo my brother is already an old man. On his left you can see his wife Ester, who was born in Poland in 1912. She was a housewife. She died in the USA in 1999.

Irving died in America in 1986. The funerals are very interesting in America. Many people come to the ceremony and there is a big mirror. The police is in the front, then the body is carried in a car following the police and then people who come to the funeral follow. There were about ten long big cars with about 12 people. And I attended this funeral where bodies in coffins were put into a wall. It is very expensive. Irving's body was already there and his wife's was put next to him.