Karl Margulies

Karl Margulies

This picture features my paternal grandfather, Karl Margulies, who lived in Sadagura. The picture was probably taken in Sadagura, where he spent his entire life.

My grandfather's name was Karl Margulies; his Jewish name was Chaim Nute. He died in the 1900s. As he had passed away before I was born, I was given his name. I can't remember the maiden name of my paternal grandmother or the year of her birth. I know she was born in Sadagura too, but I know nothing about her family. She and my grandfather had two children: a daughter, Regina Margulies, who was older, born in the 1880s, and my father, Arthur Margulies, born in 1885. 

My paternal grandfather's second wife, whose maiden name I don't know, was also born in Sadagura. She was rather quiet and soft, like Jewish women used to be at the time. They didn't have children together. 

My grandfather was in the cattle business: he bought cattle for export or consumption. They spoke Yiddish at home and observed the kashrut. My grandfather was very religious. After all, he lived in Sadagura, in a very strong Jewish environment, where everyone was very religious. He used to smoke a lot. Tobacco affected his bronchi and lungs and his end was slow and painful. He died around 1900. He was already very ill when he summoned my father, who was still in high school at the time: 'See, this is what tobacco did to me. If you ever put a cigarette in your mouth, I'll kill you!' So my father never smoked.

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