Berl Engler and his wife

This is my maternal grandfather, Berl Engler. I don't know if the woman is his first or second wife. But, since my grandfather looks pretty young, she is probably his first wife, nee Schrager. This means that the picture dates back to the 1880s. On the back of the picture is written that it was taken in 'Bukovina's first artistic photo cabinet, A. Kluczenko, and pharmacy in Czernowitz, established in 1875'.

My maternal grandfather was born in Sadagura. I don't know the year of his birth, but I know he died in 1910. His first wife, whose maiden name was Schrager, died in 1893, was very young, and I know almost nothing about her. They had two daughters: Tiny Engler, born in 1889, and my mother, Antonia Engler, born in 1892. My maternal grandfather's second wife was Polish. Her name was Malca; I don't know her maiden name. They had two sons: Leo [Zuzu] Engler, who was born around 1894, graduated in Vienna and became a doctor, and Sigmund Engler, born six years after his brother, around 1900; I don't know what school he went to. Our grandparents couldn't get along any better. Malca was a very kind woman; we didn't know that she was our step-grandmother and loved her very much.