Decoration order for Arthur Margulies

This is the decoration order issued by the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, King of Bohemia and 'Apostolosische König von Ungarn' to my father, Arthur Margulies in 1915.

My father went to high school in Czernowitz and got a graduation certificate. When World War I began, my father wasn't called up to the front. He remained at the post office. He wore the imperial outfit; he was an officer and was in charge of the Czernowitz post office. In 1915, when the Russians entered Romania, my father gathered all the papers, telegraph machines, and telephones, purchased horses and two large carts in which he loaded everything and carried the items deeper into the country, to Seletin, which the Russians hadn't occupied yet. For his deed, he was decreed by the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. The order read, 'Awarding, on 23rd March 1915, to Abraham Margulies from Czernowitz, post office and telegraph specialist, the Golden Cross for valor.' He also received a nice ribbon that read 'Franz Josef.'