Jozef Steiner

This is a photograph of my father Jozef Steiner. It was taken in Luhacovice in 1935. My parents quite often spent their holidays in Luhacovice. On this photo my father was about 40; his hair had just started receding. My father's hair was thick and wavy, my son Karol inherited it, and in fact, me too. The Steiner family had mostly wavy hair, a bit African, I guess you could say. Who knows where we really come from. My father came from a huge family; he had nine siblings: Nely, Wilhelm, Moritz, Siegfried, Esperance, Max, Margit, Gustav and Josefine. My father was born in 1895 in Bratislava, Slovakia, then Austria-Hungary. He became the owner of the Steiner bookshop along with his brother Max. He ended his life in the Holocaust in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942.