Günel and Güler Orgun with their son Orhan

My husband Günel Orgun and me, with our son Orhan, in the ?Yali? at Kuzguncuk. The photo was taken in 1967. At that time we rented a house on the Bosphorous, on the Asian coast. In those years it was cheaper to live in a ?Yali?, a sea-side villa, than in an apartment in town. Günel worked in an automotive company called Tatko. He was in charge of the spare parts department. Then we had two children: my son Orhan, born in 1966, and my daughter Gün, born in 1968. I worked in my father's office. My aunt Viktorya, who was like a grandmother to them, came to stay with us on Monday mornings and went back on Friday evenings. This continued until my son turned two. I stopped working when my daughter was about to be born, because Tantika had become too old to take care of two small children. One day, my husband and I had a serious talk and considered the two alternatives open to us: either we moved near my parents' home in Yesilyurt and left the children with them when I went to work, or he quit his job and went to work with my father. We chose the latter because my father had a good business; we also reasoned that we could not leave him alone, as he could not hear well, could not drive, could not talk with the clients on the phone and that, in short, the business would collapse if we left. I remember the particulars well: Günel used to earn 4000 liras per month, plus a bonus, at Tatko. He came to work with my father for 2500 liras per month. He worked there for about ten years, and the business prospered, thanks to his ability, regardless of how much the market situation may have contributed to it.

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