Avni Tuncer's family

On a nice summer day, in 1984, the family got together in my uncle Eli's summer house on the island of Burgaz. That's where this photo was taken. From left to right: My father Avni Tuncer, my eldest uncle's wife Sara Finanser, my youngest uncle's wife Vilma Finanser, Uncle Eli Finanser; sitting down my cousin Etel Bensason, Vilma and Eli's elder daughter. My father, Henri Nassi, was born in Constanza, Romania, in 1903. He came to Istanbul permanently when he was 17. A few years after coming to Turkey, and before getting married, he changed both his name and his religion in order to acquire Turkish citizenship. He adopted Islam on paper and the name Avni Tuncer. My mother's eldest brother, Nisim Finanser, born circa 1896, was in the wholesale textile business on commission, in Sirkeci, like his father. He was married to Sara Baruh and had two sons. He died in 1958 of a brain hemorrhage. His elder son Moris moved to Israel and died there. His younger son Alper is exactly my age. He still lives in Istanbul. Both Moris and Alper attended the St. Benoit French School. My mother's youngest brother Eli Finanser attended the St. Benoit French School. He had a wholesale business of pharmacy equipment. He was married to Vilma Bubic and had two daughters, Etel and Rozi, both of whom attended the Ste. Pulchérie French School. Rozi then went on to the St. Michel Lycée and the Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied Textile Designing. Eli died in Istanbul in 1997. His wife and daughters still live here.

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