Gün Orgun's wedding

11 June, 1994 My daughter Gün and son-in-law Stewart Carruth's wedding, in Glasgow, Scotland. On the right, Stewart's grandfather William Carruth, on the left, his brother Campbell Carruth. As the groom wore a kilt, my daughter wore trousers. In 1989, my daughter Gün graduated from the English Language and Literature Department of the Bogazici University. She went for her master's degree to the University of Edinburgh, and then for her doctor's degree to the University of Glasgow. In 1994, she married Stewart Carruth, a housing expert. They had a son, Jamie, in 2000, and a daughter, Lisha, in 2003. Every year, we visit our children in the USA and Scotland; they, in turn, often come to visit us in Turkey. Sometimes we all get together at my daughter's home in Scotland.

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