Ema Tuncer with her grandchildren

My mother Ema Tuncer with my children Orhan and Gün, in the ?Yali? at Kandilli. The photo was taken in 1969. I met my second husband in 1965 through a friend, Sehnaz Akinci, at the horse-riding club. At that time, Günel was on the verge of buying a farm by the sea in Datca, together with four friends. The farm was called Mersincik and was situated at 18 kilometers from Bodrum, on the opposite shore, and could only be reached from there by sea. We got married at the Üsküdar Registry Office. Shortly after we got married in 1965, Gunel and I drove to Bodrum in my car. When we got back, we rented a house on the Bosphorous, on the Asian coast. In those years it was cheaper to live in a ?Yali?, a sea-side villa, than in an apartment in town. Then we had two children: my son Orhan, born in 1966, and my daughter Gün, born in 1968. By the year 1971, we had saved up enough money to buy an apartment. But we had always lived in nice houses by the sea, with gardens, and could not envisage being squeezed in a town apartment. We looked at the choices a little away from the city in order to afford a house with a garden. We were lucky to buy a farm in Polonezköy for the price of an apartment in town.

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