Grigoriy Husid’s wife Inna Kolomiets, and his daughter Marina

This is my wife Inna Antonovna Kolomiets, born in 1921 and my daughter Marina Grigorievna Husid, born in 1956. This picture was taken in 1966 in Kiev. Later I met a girl that was to become my wife. She studied at the same Institute where I did. She was one year older than I. She started her studies before the war. During the war she was in the army and she continued her studies after the war. Her name is Inna Atonovna Kolomiets. Before the war her father was Director of a plant. He evacuated his plant, but he couldn't get out of Kiev himself and he died. His driver gave him out to the Germans and they shot him. Her mother evacuated with Inna. Inna finished her studies at gelman class. Inna is not a Jewand my parents were not very happy about our marriage. Notonly because she wasn't a Jew. She had a childand her husband perished during the war. Regardless of my parents' concerns we have lived happily with her for 50 years. As for her mother, she had no objections to our marriage. We've lived together and have had no national coflicts. She is very seriously involved in the Ukrainian folk art. This subject has always been exciting for her. My wife has never had any anti-Jewish opinions. She studied at school #79 - there were many Jewish girls and boys there. She has been among Jews all her life. She respects Jewish people and she knows their weak and strong points, like any other nation. When we got married the four of us were living in a 13 m2 room: her mother, her son, herself and me. In 1956 our daughter Marina was born there.