Grigoriy Husid’s grandmother and my grandfather, Moisei Tsyganskiy, Esther Tsyganskaya

These are my grandmother and my grandfather, my mother's parents: Moisei Tsyganskiy, born in 1869 and Esther Tsyganskaya (we have no information about her nee name), born in 1876. This picture was taken in 1945 in Kirovograd. My mother’s father was a tailor, champion in domino in Kirovograd, as it was his hobby. Tsyganskiy was my mother's father's last name. They lived in Slutskiy Lane, in the center of the town. This lane still exists, but there is only a part of it left. My grandfather was a big man. He didn't wear a beard, but he had moustache. And my grandmother was a thin woman, sickly at the end of her life. My mother's family was more religious - I remember tahles in the house. My grandfather was a tailor. Later he decided to do restoration of clothes, as it turned out to be more profitable. In this family they spoke Russian ( Yiddish to one another). We lived either in the apartment with my grandmother or in the house in Yelisavetgrad. My father worked in Kharkov, Odessa or Kiev. When he left Yelisavetgrad we moved to our grandmother Esther, Fira. She was a housewife. At that time they cooked on the pimus stoves. The food was good. My favorite was gomentash with clear soup. She also cooked different strudel pies. She was a good cook. My mamma's father was more advanced that my father's father. He tried to give education to the girls.