Grigoriy Husid’s grandson Daniil Husid

This is my grandson Daniil Mikhailovich Husid (in the center), born in 1982. He has cerebral palsy. This picture was taken in Prague in 2001. Marinka, our daughter, was a very nice girl. She studied at the art school. She wanted to draw when she was very young. Talent is just work. She worked a lot and was successful. She managed to do a lot in such short time. She wanted to enter the Art Institute and learn to be a theatrical artist. She made a very interesting composition for her entrance exam. They put her a bad mark and refused admission. She entered the Art Institute in Lvov. She always had my last name - Husid. She didn't even think to change it to her mother's last name - Kolomiets, although in her passport her nationality was written Ukrainian. Her last name was sometimes an obstacle for her. Once they were sending a group of young artists to Italy. Her documents were at the Komsomol Central Committee. She was asked there "Why such strange name - Husid, when your nationality is Ukrainian?" She answered 'My father is a Jew, and he has a Jewish name. I have my father's name, and my mother is Ukrainian". They didn't let her go to Italy. She participated in exhibitions and various trips. During one of such trips of young Ukrainian artists to Uzbekistan she died in a car accident. She could do handicraft, big mosaics and paintings. She could also make stained glass paintings. She could do small things and then turn to monumental things. She painted a big composition in ceramics in the Olympic Center in the vicinity of Kiev.