Grigoriy Husid’s and his mother Debora Moiseyevna Husid

This is my mother - Debora Moiseyevna Husid, nee Tsyganskaya and I, Grigoriy Yakovlevich Husid, born in 1924. This picture was taken in 1930 in Kirovograd. I am Grigoriy Yakovlevich Husid. I was born in Yelisavetgrad (Zinovievsk, Kirvograd) on 7 October 1924. My mother's name was Dora, Debora Moiseyevna. She was born in the family of handicraftsmen. Mother was also born in Yelisavetgrad in 1903. Mother and grandmother made matsa for holidays. But the Jewish character of anything was never emphasized. It was during the postwar yeas, when attention was drawn to this. We were pioneers, of course. I also was a young Octobrist. There was a ritual in the first years of the revolution - consecration. I can't remember the ritual itself, but I remember they gave me a blanket and I was adopted into Printers Trade Unions and exempt from payment of membership fee until my I got employed.