The Goldberger family

This family photograph might have been taken at the beginning of the 1930s, probably in the apartment of my grandparents from Nitra, the Goldbergers. In the top row, from left to right, it shows: my cousin Tibor Goldberger, the son of my father's brother Jozef, standing beside him is my father, Heinrich Goldberger. Later, my father changed his name to Galik. Standing beside my father is his sister Cecilia Hornova, née Goldbergerova. Then there's Grandma Terezia Goldbergerova, Grandpa Bernat Goldberger, and Vilma Galova, née Braunova. Vilma was the wife of another of my father's brothers, Julius Gal. But everyone used the Hungarian version of Julius's name, Gyula. Still during prewar times, my father's two brothers, Gyula and Rudolf changed their surnames from Goldberger to Gal. Sitting below Vilma is her husband, Gyula Gal. Gyula owned a radio store in Nitra, where they sold and also repaired them. Vilma and Gyula had two sons, Miki (Michal) and Pista (Stefan); I don't know which one of them is sitting in his father's lap. The other one isn't in the photo. Sitting first on the left is Jozef Goldberger, my father's oldest brother. Jozef took over his father's general store that they had in Nitra. Sitting beside Jozef is his wife, Malvin. Then sitting next to her is Uncle Horn, the husband of my father's sister, Cecilia. Horn owned a barbershop in Nitra. He died young, still before the war. Sitting in Malvin's lap is another child, one of my cousins. Unfortunately, I'm not able to identify him. None of my father's immediate family members were devout Jews. One of my father's brothers, Gyula owned a radio store and workshop. My father had four siblings, three brothers and one sister. His brothers were named Gyula, Rudi and Jozko, his sister Cecilia. Cecilia married a barber, Mr. Horn. But he died at the beginning of the 1930s. I don't even remember him.

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Alexander Gajdos