Alexander Gadjos on a ski trip

This is a photo of a ski trip in the town of Bozi Dar. It was taken in the 1970s. I, Alexander Gajdos, am second from the right in the photo. When I worked for the company Pozemne Stavby, a ski school was held for the children of employees every year, and I used to go with them as an instructor. Our company cottage was in Bozi Dar. I looked upon the events of 1968 as being positive. At that time I was working in a national enterprise, and was the chairman of the company union council. Basically, in 1968 in Karlovy Vary there was a conference held regarding the Party's direction. At this conference, certain members of the district that had a new way of thinking stood up and slammed the district Communist Party secretary. At that time I was in the electoral commission, and we managed to elect new people to Party functions, which later of course worked against me. But I believed that we were doing the right thing. In the end they criticized me for participating in that conference. Things went so far that in 1970 they kicked me out of the Party. Before that, the boys from the StB came to see me. They told me that they didn't want anything from me, only for me to... I told them that I wouldn't rat on anyone. As chairman of the company council I had always tried for everything to be fair, and I didn't stray from that. Later I got a job as a construction technician. I drove around to construction sites in the area, for example Prague, Chomutov, Cheb, As, basically the whole region. There wasn't a lot of free time.

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Alexander Gajdos