Alexander Gadjos in front of the Wailing Wall

This photo, which shows me in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, was taken during my visit to Israel in the year 2000. I try to go someplace on vacation every year. I get a contribution for my being a veteran of the Czechoslovak Army, to that I add some money, and spend it on traveling. About five years ago, I went to visit Israel. It was with a tour group. Life there was like I had imagined it. Busy streets, cafés. The roads there are top-notch. Outside of town they were all lit up, which you won't find here. I said to myself that it's quite good. As far as standard of living goes, that I don't know. I wasn't there that long to be able to judge. What surprised me? I happened to be in Natanya during Sabbath. I was expecting that on Saturday everything would be quiet. In the morning I got up, went to the window, and everywhere there were traffic jams. There were as many cars as during a weekday. The beaches were also full, and the streets were constantly busy.

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Alexander Gajdos