Gherda Kagan’s paternal grandmother Revekka Kagan and her sister Adel Spivak

This is my paternal grandmother Revekka Kagan (from the right) and her sister Adel Spivak. This photo was made in Odessa in 1893. My paternal grandmother Revekka Kagan, nee Spivak was born to an intelligent Jewish family in Nikolaev town in 1870. Her sister Adel Spivak lived in Nikolaev and it’s all I know about her. Her brother Veniamin Spivak was a well-know therapist in Nikolaev. His son Grigoriy became a mathematician, professor of Moscow University. Her sister Adel Spivak lived in Nikolaev. Another brother Akim Spivak emigrated to Sweden in the early 20th century. He lived in Stockholm. In 1912 Revekka, her husband and children visited her brother. My father corresponded with Akim before the war, but then it became rather unsafe and their correspondence terminated. My grandmother Revekka was a housewife. They spoke Yiddish at home. Revekka wasn't strongly religious, but she went to the synagogue with her husband and children on holidays. My mother told me that Revekka was a very interesting person. She was a smart lady. Even her female cat was particularly smart. She followed her mistress to the Privoz, waited for her at the gate and then came back home with her. Grandmother Revekka died in 1932, shortly after I was born and I didn't see her. My grandmother and grandfather had two sons: Isaac, Grigoriy and daughter Clara.