Gherda Kagan in the laboratory of the scientific research institute of tinned food industry

This is me Gherda Kagan (sitting by a microscope) with my colleagues Tamara Simich and Irina Poliak in the laboratory of the scientific research institute of tinned food industry. This photo was made in Odessa in 1961. After finishing in 1955 his college my husband Yevgeniy Grinblat received a job assignment to work in Uryupinsk town in Volgograd region. In 1956 we returned to Odessa and settled down in my husband mother's apartment. I found a vacancy of rate setter technician at the rate setting research laboratory at the food industry headquarters. I worked there three years, but I didn't like this job. Nobody needed it. My father was working at the scientific research institute of food industry. He was a scientific deputy director. I went to work in the laboratory there. In 1958 our daughter Natalia was born. In 1962 I joined the party, but not for the sake of ideas. I had my personal reasons. Firstly, all of my former co-students were members of the party already and I was used to belong to the advanced circles of masses. Secondly, I was concerned that if my father quit his job at the institute I might lose my position of scientific employee and interesting work. My father never joined the Party, although they were trying to convince him. He teased me about it. My mother took my side. She believed joining the Party was a formal procedure necessary for a career.