Gherda Kagan’s great grandmother Yenta Voolih

This is my maternal great grandmother Yenta Voolih. This photo was made in Odessa in 1870. My maternal great grandmother was very religious and the family followed kashrut and observed all Jewish traditions for the love and respect of her. Yenta wore a wig and wore her kerchief above her ears. At Yom Kippur, before going to the synagogue, my great grandmother cleaned the house, locked the food and gave her husband a bunch of keys. My great grandfather secretly gave children the keys and they could eat anything they wanted while their great grandparents were away. Yenta also had a sense of humor. When gefilte fish was on the table and her four sons were screaming: one wanted gefilte carp, another wanted pike and the third one wanted some other fish, she cut a piece from the same dish and served it to her sons saying: 'here is your carp, and your pike, etc. Great grandmother Yenta died in 1912. She was buried in the Jewish cemetery. Yenta had four sons: Itzhak, Shaya, Berk, Huna and two daughters: Luba and Esphir.