Gherda Kagan at a jubilee f Odessa house of scientists

This is me, Gherda Kagan (first from left standing) at a jubilee f Odessa house of scientists. This photo was made in Odessa in 200. Sitting on the right is my childhood friend, present-day employee of the house of scientists Yelena Chmil. I don't know the others. I am very happy about the rebirth of Jewish life in Odessa. I enjoy going to a wonderful Jewish library in Pionerskaya Street. I receive free Jewish newspapers 'Or Sameyach' and 'Shomrei Shabos' and I collect interesting articles from there. Few years ago I established contacts with Gemilut Hesed. An acquaintance of mine mentioned to me about this organization. I registered there and then for another year I tried to convince my husband to register there as well so that we could receive two packages instead of one. Of course, Gemilut Hesed social assistance helps me a lot. They do my laundry for me. Once my shoes needed to be fixed and Gemilut Hesed paid for shoemaker's services. Following my husband I got fond of the history of Odessa. We have a good collection of books on this subject. Few years ago they invited me to work in the town archives. In parallel I started looking for the documents related to the history of my family. I've found some and now I write memoirs hoping that my grandchildren would find it interesting.