Franziska Goldstaub together with her sisters Rosa and Anni in Vienna during the 1920s

That’s my mother Franziska Goldstaub (center) with her sisters, Rosa and Anni, and two suitors in a photo studio in Vienna.

Aunt Rosa lived in Vienna and got married to a Hungarian man named Desider Harsanyi. They moved to Hungary together.

We visited them in 1932, when I was nine years old. They lived on the outskirts of Budapest. I remember that we had a great time together.

Aunt Anni married Josef Lauber. It was a very unhappy marriage, so they got divorced in 1924. She re-married later in life.

My mother, Franziska, fell head over heels in love with my dad. He was an actor. When they met for the first time, they both knew that they wanted to be together.