The engagement of Adolf Munk and Olga Munkova

This is my parents' engagement photo, taken in Prague in 1923. Sitting on the left is Uncle Vilem Vohryzek, the husband of my mother's sister Bedriska, then my father's brother Josef Munk, Aunt Bedriska Munkova, at the head of the table my mother Olga Munkova (nee Nachodova), my father Adolf Munk, then Mr. Janovic, his wife, my mother's father Rudolf Nachod, Aunt Elsa Edererova (nee Nachodova), my mother's sister.

The Janovics were friends. I don't remember them very much. I only know that they were relatively rich. They had an oil plant in Brandys. They had a daughter, Ida, who somehow married badly. Ida had a daughter, Eva, who was in Terezin and returned. Ida most likely died still before the war.