Bronislava Chepur’s cousins Vera and Misha Kogan

My cousins. Vera and Misha Kogan, the children of my mother's sister Fania Kogan. My mother saw her sister Fania for the 1st time in 29 years. (I can't remember how exactly they found each other after the war. Probably via their common acquaintances or friends, but I remember that my mother wrote letters to Fania since 1949). My mother's brother naum and his family lived in the same neighborhood. Naum was very religious. He wore tahles, went to the synagogue and strictly observed all traditions. I watched the religious Jew praying for the 1st time in Moscow. We were welcomed cordially. They all lived in the workers' barracks in Tushino. Fania's husband was working at the Tushino aircraft plant. Her nephew Misha Aloets worked there, too (Fania arranged for Misha to stay in Moscow after the war). Fania and her husband had 2 children: Misha and Vera. Verochka finished the technical school for communications and Misha Kogan was a laborer. He moved to Israel later.