Bronislava Chepur’s cousin Mikhail Aloets

My cousin Mikhail Aloets. Misha Aloets, my cousin and the son of Shlyoma, my mother's stepbrother, came to say "farewell to us". Uncle Shlyoma was not young any morem but he was mobilized nevertheless. I heard that he perished somewhere in Donbass. His wife Hanna didn't work. She was raising 6 children. Her older daugher (a blond blue-eyed girl, with typical slavic looks, was studying in the town of Sokal, Lvov region. This town was occupied by the Gemans on the 1st days of the war. We have no information about what happened to the girl. Misha Aloets was a miserable student and was sent to a school at the factory. He came there before the evacuation of the school and the class. It was end of June. Misha said they were to be sent to the Urals. It was a hot day, but he was wearing and uniform. He wasa thin boyand looked a typical Jew. My mothe wanted to give something to him. The only thing we knew about the Urals is that it was very cold there. My mother gave him a white furry hat with long narrow ribbons, starting from the ears. This hat rescued Misha. Their equipent was in the open air and later on they installed some roof and walls but it was unbearably cold. Misha always wore this hat under his regular hat. He told me this story when I came to study in Moscow and he was living there. He became a highly qualified locksmith and worked in Moscow, Tushyno, at the aircraft factory and was worker of the 8th grade - they were "kings" and elite of the other workers. He lived all right from the material standpoint, too. He had 2 children and was well-off. His mother Hanna and 4 other children went to the Uman Babiy Yar. There were many Jews living there. Misha was the one that survived.