Boris Greenfeld and his family

This is my brother's family photograph. Standing on the left is my brother's wife Ada Greenfeld, on the right is my brother Boris Greenfeld. Their daughters are in the foreground, Tatiana on the left and Tsilia on the right. This photo was taken in Riga in 1970, shortly before my brother and his family moved to Israel.

My brother went to a music school. He went to the class of brass instruments at the Palace of pioneers. My brother's music teacher recommended my brother to go to the music school. Boris learned to play the clarinet and the piano. My brother was good at music and wanted to continue his musical education after school, but life was hard, and he had to go to work. However, he played at the amateur orchestra in the evening and practiced playing at night. He was recruited to the army and served on the Soviet/Chinese border where he played in the regiment orchestra. He had one leave during his service.

After his service in the army Boris returned to Riga and went to work. In 1957 he married a Jewish girl from Riga. Her name was Ada. She was born in 1936. They had a traditional Jewish wedding with a chuppah at home. Their older daughter Tsilia was born in 1959, and Tatiana, Taube in the Jewish manner, was born in 1963.