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This photo was taken in the Rozsa Ferenc cultural house where a folk dance group was invited. My job was to organize the dinner for them.

The Director at the Csemege Company, a Socialist food store chain, was a very good friend of mine.We had trudged through the mud together during the forced labour period.

He asked me how much my wages were. I told him and he said that he would give me double that if I went to work for him.

I moved to the Csemege Company in 1953 as a group leader, where I had to supervise all the shops in Budapest.

This job was not really good for me because I was a Jew and there was anti-Semitism.

From there I got to the supplying section of the company. I worked there for thirty years.

I managed to organise my work in such a way that I was the supplier for all the diplomats to Hungary from 176 countries.

Besides this I also oversaw fifty buffets. I supplied the diplomats with food in their private lives. If they needed some delicatessen, they could get it with my help.

I got many high decorations, mostly from the government. This job had also some perks that raised my quality of life: Western connections, travels, food, etc.

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Interviewee: Ferenc Deutsch
Dora Sardi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


Ferenc Deutsch
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Vaja, Rakoczi Ranch
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Kingdom of Hungary
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Manual laborer
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Skilled self-employed

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