Ferenc Deutsch's liberation certificate from Theresienstadt

This is a certificate from Teresienstadt which states that I was liberated there.

I was liberated on the 8th of May, 1945. They wanted to take me from Theresienstadt to Sweden. All day long the loudspeaker said in all languages: "Don't go back to those countries which expelled you."

Very many went away, but I wanted to go home, because I did not know at the time what had happened to my wife, and I wanted to help the family.

The International Red Cross had an office there where we were given papers, as we had no documents at all. The papers were filled in according to one’s declaration.

Everybody stated their name, age and the trade they wanted. I declared at least three trades. We were also given 800 Czech crowns. I stayed in Prague for some days on those 800 crowns to fortify myself a bit, then I left for Hungary.

I got to Rakospalota in July, 1945. I went to the house we had lived in, but did not find anybody there.

Then I went to the Bethlen Square, where I got a certificate stating that I’d been disinfected, and then I could get food and clothes.