Peter Reisz's father Imre Reisz with a relative from Carpatho-Rus

Peter Reisz's father Imre Reisz with a relative from Carpatho-Rus
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This photo was taken in 1941 in a park in Obuda. My father is walking with Marika Gerendas, a distant relative on my mother's side, who came from Trans-Carpathia (now part of Ukraine, but before WWI, part of Hungary). I remember spending several summer vacations during my childhood with the Gerendas family in Trans-Carpathia (now part of Ukraine, but before WWI, a part of Hungary). The family were distant relatives of ours on my mother's side. Marika Gerendas and her husband lived in Nagymuzsaj, which is near Ungvar (today Uzhgorod, Ukraine). We traveled there by train, and the Gerendas, the people I stayed with, would come to meet me. When my vacation was over, my parents would come for me. I found life really interesting there, because as a city child from Obuda I had had no experience of country life. I loved the animals and the fruit trees, and the fact that, there, I could play freely. I don't know how many children there were in the Gerendas family, but there were lots of Jewish kids around, and some of them were about my age. I spent two summers there, for about three weeks each time. That must have been in 1940-41. I remember that the Gerendas weren't especially religious. On Fridays they would go to temple, but they weren't kosher, and the men didn't have beards, and their hairstyles were the same as those worn all over Europe. When the persecution of the Jews began in their area, they came to Hungary for a while to live with us.

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Dora Sardi, Eszter Andor
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Budapest, Hungary


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Self-employed craftsman in elite crafts
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Skilled self-employed

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