Peter Reisz's second cousin , Laszlo Vero

Laszlo Vero (his name was ?magyarized? from Weinblum), one of my second cousins, in a photo taken in Budapest in the 1940s. Laszlo Vero is the son of one of my maternal grandmother's siblings. (My grandmother had six brothers and sisters). Laszlo was about the same age as my mother and he was also born in Obuda, where he lived for a very long time. Before the war, he had a very interesting job, working as the secretary to the director of the Jozsef Katona Theater in Pest, who was, I think a Jew, and my cousin personally knew all the great actors, like Pager and the rest. He survived the war. He had a Christian wife and they traveled a lot before the war. I don?t know exactly where and how he survived, but he did. After the war he worked as a tobacco wholesaler, and then he rented a tobacco shop in the center of town and worked there as a tobacconist.



Peter Reisz

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