Class excursion of Peter Reisz's school

This photo was taken in 1952, on an excursion of my class at the Textile Technical School to Nagyvillam . Once a year our class went on an excursion. These are only the boys from the class. The girls in the class appear in a separate photo. After I finished the eighth grade at the school on Wesselenyi Street, I attended the textile technical school. It was really interesting, the way I ended up with a career in textiles. I had never had anything to do with textiles, but there were so many Jewish kids whose parents were in textiles, that I went into the trade too. My parents didn't interfere with my career choice; they were happy that I could study, because they saw the fulfillment of their desires in that. There were a lot of Jews in the Textile Technical School--I think 30% of the class was Jewish. And there were rich Jews, too, who had small factories before the War, whose kids went there. We didn't talk much about being Jews, because it wasn't a topic then. But after 1956, when we had class reunions, we found out that there were many Jews among the students and the teachers, too.

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