Luna Davidova starring in Jean Cocteau's play 'Do Not Wake Up the Lady'

Luna Davidova starring in Jean Cocteau's play 'Do Not Wake Up the Lady'
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    Bulgaria, 1944-1989
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This picture was taken in 1984 at the time when I acted in Jean Cocteau's play ?Do Not Wake Up the Lady?. It was one of my last performances because I retired in 1988. I have taken part in a lot of radio shows, in radio plays, I read poetry. I made several TV performances and I participated in several films - the best role I had was that of Varvara in 'Tobacco' [Dimitar Dimov (1907-1966) - one of the classics of Bulgarian literature] But it seemed that I was not made for cinema, my good roles were those in the theater. I had many recitals - Yavorov's poetry for example; we made plays with Chaprazov and Duparinova [famous Bulgarian actors]. Nowadays the young people don't know me but the adults say: Ah, you are Maria Stuart [from Friedrich Schiller's play], 'Aesopus'!, Ah yes, 'A Holiday In Arco Iris', Ah, you are from the 'The Stone Guest' by Pushkin. I can remember quite well ten or fifteen roles that I had, as well as my excellent colleagues and directors. I've always had good relations with my colleagues - I have never been envious of someone else's role, talent, or intelligence. And I have been respected for this quality of mine. This is one of the very few things that give me the self-confidence of a good human being.

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Interviewee: Luna Davidova
Atanas Igov
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Luna Davidova
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Worked in Theater

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