Gyorgy Preisz in his carriage

Gyorgy Preisz in his carriage
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This is me on the farm in Gyoma, where my maternal grandparents, Soma and Berta Preisz, nee Deutsch, lived. The photo was taken in 1935. I spent a lot of time in Gyoma because my mother was an only child, and I the only grandchild. My every wish was granted; I was in clover. There was a grocery part of the shop, which had a big stand on which there were at least 20 jars with chocolate-candy but I never thought about taking one piece. They had never seen such a child; they forced the chocolates and candies upon me. I was always at our neighbor's house, where there were boys of my age. They were Jewish as well. Because we were boys, we loved to play football. When I was ten years old I got a bicycle from my grandparents - the post office was only about 200 meters away, but I went by bike - even there. I loved that bicycle. Later my grandparents bought an estate in Gyoma, a very nice, complete estate of almost 30 acres, with a house, outhouse, and everything. This was rented out by the half-and-half system, which means that a peasant lived there with his family. He used the homestead, he bought himself animals, he bought everything but the land was ours, and so half of everything was ours. I came up with the idea that I would like to have a horse because I loved to drive horses and I drove the horses out to the farm. My grandfather bought me a wagon and a horse; we used to go to the beach in it with my grandmother. The river Koros in Gyoma had a very nice beach and one could rent a cabin. I went there every day with my grandmother. And we went out to the farm, too. I loved it; there was the harvest, as well as the threshing, I liked that very much. On such occasions I slept out there as well.

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Sárdi Dóra
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Gyorgy Preisz
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