Laci Horvath with his wife in Montreal

This is a picture of Laci Horvath and his wife. Laci was the son of my father's sister Etelka Horvath, nee Preisz. The photo was taken in Montreal in 1967. Auntie Etelka was my father's eldest sister. She was probably born in 1890. Her husband was called Imre Horvath, and they were merchants in Nagykata. They had a dry goods and textiles shop. They had a child, Laci and an adopted daughter because one of her husband's sisters died and their daughter became an orphan; so they adopted her. She was called Bozsi Stern. From this family only Laci survived the war. He came home from forced labor in 1945. And then he and his father's youngest brother, who was almost the same age as he, opened a textile shop in Budapest. This lasted until 'buddy' Rakosi put an end to everything - until the nationalization. Then he and his wife left for Canada, where he became a trader. They didn't have children. Laci died in the middle of the 1980s in Canada.

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