Bertha Trachtenbroit's parents Solomon and Rosalia Trachtenbroit

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My father and mother: Solomon and Rosa Trachtenbroit in Odessa in December 1925. The photo was taken on the occasion of buying a new hat for my mother.

I don't know where or how my parents met. I only know that they met when my father was a clerk and my mother worked at the tea factory. They got married on 5 February 1919. They had a traditional Jewish wedding with a huppah. The ceremony was conducted by a rabbi from the synagogue where my grandfather Abram was a gabbai. There were many guests at their wedding besides their brothers and sisters and their families. The newly weds settled down with my mother's sister Zhenia in her apartment in Staroportfrankovskaya street. My mother quit her job after getting married. She could afford to stay at home. My father provided well for the family. I know little about my father because he left mother in 1931 for a cashier woman from his store.

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