Bertha Trachtenbroit's jubilee

Bertha Trachtenbroit's jubilee


I am given flowers on my 50th anniversary of work at the Regional Scientific Library in 1997. I am the first on the left.

In 1947 upon graduation from the Pedagogical Institute I got a job at the regional scientific library in Odessa - the library of the former Jewish Clerks' Support Community of Odessa. At the beginning I worked as a librarian in the reading hall. A year later I was promoted to a bibliographer's position. This was a much more interesting work. In 1979 I retired, but continued to work part-time at the library until 2001.

In the late 1980s at the beginning of perestroika Jewish life in Odessa began to revive. I enjoy attending all kinds of Jewish activities. I also read Jewish books in Russian translation. The Jewish charity fund the Gmilot Hesed supports me. Every ten days I get food packages from them. I enjoy reading the Jewish newspaper "Or Sameah" and "Shomrei Shabos". By the way, on 5 November 1997 the newspaper "Or Sameah" published an article dedicated to the 50th anniversary of my work at the library entitled "Just Work or a Unique Record". They called my 50-year dedication to my job a record.

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Bertha Trachtenbroit