Zora Gild, Dodika Flug and Vera Tomanic, three good friends

The picture was taken in 1934 in front of the Women's Real Gynasium in Osijek. First from the left is Zora Gild, in the middle is Dodika Flug, and next to her is me. The gymnasium was not Jewish but at the time I attended the director of the school was a Jew, Mr. Herschl. Many Jewish teachers worked there. I became actively involved in Hashomer Hatzair. This was a left-leaning Zionist group that supported the idea that Israel should be built based on kibbutzim (collective settlements), without the need for force and weapons, in a peaceful manner. Our goal was to all go to Israel one day and cultivate the land, without any battles with the Arabs. Zora Gild was one of the most active members, she was a big Zionist. A large number of members of Hashomer Hatzair went to Israel and there they established the kibbutz Shaar Hamakir which exists today and kibbutz Gat. My friend Dodika Flug was born in 1917 in Osijek. She was active in Hashomer Hatzair. Unfortunately she did not live to see Israel, as in 1942 she was taken to Stara Gradiska camp and did not return.