Zinaida Turovskaya’s grandfather Volko Yarovskiy and grandmother


Volko Yarovskiy, my grandfather on my mother's side and my grandmother Hava. Photo made in Poland around 1915.

My grandfather Volko Yarovskiy was a fairly rich man. I don't know what he was doing for a living, but he managed to give his children both religious and secular education. My father had 2 brothers: Aron Yarovskiy, born around 1900 Fivish Yarovskiy, a younger brother, born in 1908. They all went to school. When my father was 14 his mother died (i.e. in 1920). His father remarried very soon. His children Aron, David and Fivish couldn't forgive him for forgetting their mother and left him. Somehow they got to Kiev.



Zinaida Turovskaya