Zinaida Turovskaya’s brother Vladimir Yarovskiy


My brother Vladimir Yarovskiy. Photo made in Kiev around 1935.

In 1923 my older sister Tsylia Yarovskaya was born, in my brother Vladimir and in 1929 my sister Rosa were born.

My older brother vladinir Yarovskiy died tragically during the war. He was sent to Krasnodar along with other Kosomol members. When the Germans occupied Krasnodar, Volodia and few other boys were captured. They were all shot except our Volodia. The Germans identified that he was a Jew by circumcision and buried him alive. Chairman of the collective farm where this happened sent a letter to Kiev to tell us about this tragedy. Upon receiving this letter my mother and my older sister went to the station and saw the place where Volodia died. The Chairman gave them the money that Volodia had earned. Later the monument was installed on this spot and all names of the deceased were engraved on it. But the name Yarovskiy was written Yurovskiy by mistake. Such was the tragic end of my older brother.



Zinaida Turovskaya