Zinaida Turovskaya’s daughter Ludmila Vinarskaya and her husband Mikhail


This is my daughter's wedding. My daughter Ludmila Vinarskaya (Trovskaya) and my son-in-law Mikhail Vinarskiy and I. Photo made in Kiev in 1984.

In 1966 our daughter Ludmila was born. She studied well at school but she couldn't enter the Institute because of her being a Jew. She finished a course of kindergarten nurses, computer school and hairdresser's school. Ludmila has several professions but she cannot work. She has four children to take care of.

Since my husband got ill our family has had all kind çà problems. My daughter had to quit work because of her children's illnesses. My son'in-law Mikhail, a professional driver, got in a car accident and lost his job. He couldn't go on working. He has occasional earnings from car repairs. My daughter also does some work every now and then but they don't have a permanent job.



Zinaida Turovskaya