The wedding photo of Vergina and Solomon Elazar

This is a photo of my father, Solomon Elazar's 's second marriage. It was taken in Sofia in 1919. Next to him is my mother Vergina Elazar, nee Bohor. My father married twice. He had two daughters from his first marriage - my stepsisters Rozalia and Dora. His first wife, Matilda Baruh, died of tuberculosis. I know that she was very rich and brought a big dowry. There was one portrait of her in a black frame in black mounting - she was a very beautiful woman. But I cannot find this portrait anymore. I am from my father's second marriage. My mother, Vergina Elazar, nee Bohor, wasn't rich. She worked in an atelier. This was her first marriage. Because of the wars, there was a big group of women who couldn't marry. My mother was among them. She married relatively late - when she was 30 years old. And it was very fortunate for her. My mother was born in 1887 in Sofia. She worked in the textile industry, in a shop for fine women's underwear called 'Doverie' [Trust]. There was such a shop for fine textiles in the center of Sofia.

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