Vergina Elazar with relatives

This photo was taken in 1926 in Sofia. My mother, Vergina Elazar, nee Bohor, is first from left. Her sister Sultana Levi, nee Bohor, is sitting next to her. Right beside her is their relative Samuel and first on the right is his wife. I don?t know the other people on the photo. The following is written on the back of the photo: 'A remembrance from Banki [Bankya], 1926.' Our family went often on excursions to Koruba-glar, Vladaya, the Vitosha Mountain or Banki. The photo was taken on one of these excursions. My mother was born in 1887 in Sofia. She worked in the textile industry, in a shop for fine women's underwear called 'Doverie' [Trust]. There was such a shop for fine textiles in the center of Sofia. My mother had a number of sisters; I know about one named Sultana, her elder sister, and Sarah, and my grandmother, who lived in Turkey. Sultana was married to Buhor Levi and had five children, among who were Venezia, Duda and Izak. Other relatives of mine lived there too and they visited us sometimes. They knew a number of languages, even Arabic. But at some point they were banished from Turkey, in the 1930s, and came to Bulgaria. However, due to various reasons, they couldn't adapt to the way of life here and left for Israel after World War II along with many other Jews. I haven't heard of them ever since. They were banished from Turkey, because they thought of themselves as Bulgarian Jews and at that time Turkey was pursuing a policy against Bulgaria.