Rozalia Navon on Purim

This is my sister Rozalia Navon, nee Elazar, at the beginning of the 1920s. The photo was taken in 'Benbasa' photo studio in Sofia on Purim. I remember that we sang songs, made pranks and wore masks on the holiday. Rozalia was from my father's first marriage to Matilda Baruh. Rozalia was twelve years older than me. She was born in 1908. I remember that she read a lot and she taught me to read and be interested in more things than what they taught us at school. In 1932 Rozalia left for Israel [Palestine before 1948] and she still lives there today - in Holon. She married and now she is called Shoshana Navon. She has two children, Emanuel [born in 1936] and Tslila [born in July 1940]. She worked as a children's teacher in Bulgaria; she graduated from the Pedagogy Institute in Shoumen as a children's teacher. She was very beautiful and a good teacher - children loved her a lot. After the 1950s my sister Rozalia came to visit us a couple of times, but I didn't go to Israel until 1989 although she had invited both our sister Dora and me. We didn't go to Israel, because we knew there was a special attitude towards people going there, especially if they had a responsible state job.

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David Elazarov