Wedding photo of Margit and Erno Fisch with the relatives

This is the wedding photo of Margit Fisch, nee Mandel, who was the sister of my husband’s first wife Anna Grossmann [nee Mandel]. The persons on the photo starting from the left: the persons marked with one and two are Sanyi Fisch and his wife, I don’t know who the third is, the fourth is Margit Mandel, the bride, the person with a five is Erno Fisch, the groom, the sixth is R. Fisch, the seventh is Hersi Mandel, the eights is Annus Grossmann.

The first wife of my husband was a girl from Des, her name was Annus Mandel [she was born in 1920], she was a religious girl. She worked in a printing house. She didn't have any children. She was pregnant, but she didn't keep the baby, she had an abortion, well life was very hard at that time here, in Hungary [in Northern-Transylvania after 1940] and everywhere else, in whole Europe. Her husband was taken to work service, and soon after she had an abortion. Annus was deported, she was together with her sister, Sasika in Auschwitz, but they were so unfortunate, in the last few months before liberation all the women were gathered from the concentration camp, some two thousands were left, and were taken to Riga. There they were all put on a ship, and sank with that ship. Annus and her sister both died there. Annus was young, her sister was even younger, I think she had just finished high school. She [the first wife] had one more sister, Margit Fisch, she came home [from deportation], but died shortly of cardiac infarction. And a boy came home too, he died as well. None of them is alive. They were five, and not one lives. Within three years all of them passed away. They all died.