The Grosz cousins

They are all siblings, my cousins, none of them is alive, none. The first from left is Erzsi Grosz, the second from left Erno Grosz, the third Szeren Grosz, the fourth Zsenka Grosz, the fifth Kajmi Grosz, the first from right is Dezso Grosz. They gathered once in a year in Israel, they took this photo on such an occasion, but I swear I could not tell when.

There were five children in my father's family, there were two girls and three boys. One of the boys, Gyula Grosz was trading in apple, apricot, fruits. Though his profession was tailoring. He worked with me during the war, I took on orders, and we made trousers together. After his wife died, uncle Gyula left for Israel, because all his children were there. He left some eight years after the war, and lived in Lod. Uncle Gyula had quite a lot of children: Hajmi (Haim), Erno, Kajmi, Zsenka, Erzsi and Szeren. Hajmi and Erno lived in Lod, their wives both worked at the airport. Kajmi was an upholsterer, he lived in Netanya, he became paralyzed, he died too. Zsenka lived in Nazareth, Erzsi in Netanya. Erzsi is two years younger than me. Maybe Erzsi is still alive, but I'm not sure, since I lost contact with her. Soon after the war [World War Two] Szeren left for America. She had got married, and the boy's parents had left for America, and arranged for them too to go there.