The wedding of Efraim and Eti Jakabovits

This photo was taken on the wedding of the son, Efraim Jakabovits of my sister Miriam Jakabovits [nee Grosz]. The first from left is my brother-in-law [Hersi Jakabovits], next to him is my sister, the third is my sister’s son, the groom, next to him is Eti, the bride, the fifth from left is Eti’s sister, her husband is next to her, and the person on the right side is Eti’s mother, Gizella. The bride’s family was from Botosani, they were Romanian Jews.

In 1943 my sister got married - since she got married during the war, dad [Herman Grosz] was very annoyed with her. There were a lot of quarrels, dad didn't quite support her getting married, he said that during war one shouldn't get married. Mom said: 'Let it be, if she wants to, let her get married.' It was a love match. My sister's family lived in Marosujvar, they had their own apartment. My sister observed religion rigorously [after she got married], and she had a nice marriage. But her husband wasn't at home, because he was doing work service in Kolozsbozs [in Romanian Boju]. Kolozsbozs belonged to Romania, the border was across Kolozsbozs, they were working there, they were building a tunnel for the railways.

After the war ended, my sister's family lived in Marosujvar for a while, later they moved to Nagyenyed, because the sister [Magda Jakabovits] and the mother of my brother-in-law left for Israel. They lived in Nagyenyed until dad [Herman Grossmann] died [in 1964], when they all left [my sister, her husband and their two sons] for Israel, in Jaffa, they took mammy too. Before they left, he [my brother-in-law] was a leather trader, but he kept the accounts for the shop where he worked, and he became an accountant in Israel. My sister's husband was a very religious man, and he also knew all about it. And he started to teach my sister too [religion, Hebrew] at home, mainly before they left for Israel, and my sister was well up in it. Then she learnt Ivrit in Israel. But her husband died early of a cardiac infarct. And she was left alone, with her sons, they got married, they are comfortable off. She has two sons, one of them is Efraim, the other is Smulik. Miriam died exactly two years ago [in July 2003], it is Yahrtzeit.